To love all people for themselves,
"Potential" should not count
Nor strain the qualities of love,
For this is paramount.
We're not loved for "qualities"
In blessings from above,
For love, unqualified, is Truth --
All "persons" deserve love.

Always, there'll be room for love;
'Tis love that we all seek;
Could we but show abundant love
For rich, poor, strong and weak?
'Tis good for everyone to feel
Our love for them is free --
"Perfection" is no requisite
For love from you and me.

As high upon the mountain tops
Peaked with pure, white snow,
The crystal streamlets trickling down
Nourish the valley below --
So from highest consciousness
Channelled from above,
Flow thoughts that feed and quench the thirst
For unconditional love.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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