Do we make room for what we want?  'Tis such an easy task;
We first make use of what we have before we even ask.
When our space is still half-full but there are gifts galore --
We can't accept without the space -- there is no room for more!
Whate'er it is that we desire, within, do we prepare?
Abundantly we shall receive; do we choose our space with care?
"Ask and it shall be given to you" -  or words to that effect;
Have we prepared sufficient room for more than we expect?
Is it for wisdom that we pray to make our life complete?
Just living fully every day brings wisdom to our feet.
When 'tis love we feel a lack, then, just give some away,
And it will multiply 'way beyond our need for every day!
Within "One Presence" do we dwell?  All power do we use
With wisdom, love and grace each day without pow'r abuse?
If "yes", we lack no power then!  "Omnipotence, Divine" --
Like "Presence", there is only One in Truth -- and Truth is our "lifeline"!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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