He speaks to us in many ways to let us know He's there -
In His loving way, envelopes us in everlasting care -
His Spirit in and through us ever flows, sustaining Life,
As the air surrounds, caresses us, dissolving every strife.

A bountiful supply through our senses to consume -
Wild flowers of the fields breathe forth their quality perfume;
All the water that we drink, all the meat that we can use -
An unlimited supply of many foods from which to choose.

He satisfies our taste buds, He feeds our sense of smell,
Gives us warmth and softness with strength and health as well;
We choose to see what beauty comes to light along our way -
To hear the voice of loved ones and some music every day.

We listen to the quietness; we know the peace within;
Just knowing we are in His hands, renews our trust, again.
We see the Light; a calmness rules; we feel our very best;
In perfect "oneness" we have known that we are truly blessed!

-- Doreen (Adams) Ellis



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