From ancient times it's been the same -- and time and time again,
Our practise has been "War and Peace" which hasn't worked for man.
In the end, 'tis bound to fail because it's based on fear --
So why not try another plan? Try "Love and Peace" this year.

Omnipotence, the Source of Power, abundantly supplies
Our every need, if we but claim His gifts to utilize.
Those gifts of "Love" and "Peace" are ours in Truth and for all time
We make them ours by sharing them -- preventing terrorist crime.

Then will "trust" become our shield -- no weapons need be stored;
Time was when man could give his word without the use of a sword.
See these words of "Love and Peace" -- with the possibility,
That on each flag, this message waves to let man know he's free!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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