Laughter holds such good for you, much more than you can know;
'Tis medicine that's free to all and gives that healthy glow;
Tones the system up a notch, does wonders for your mind -
And when you laugh until you cry, all tension goes, you'll find;

It stirs the circulation well, improves the muscle tone;
No therapy can you compare with laughter that's your own.
You may share it with the world - it works both day or night -
No side effects to cause alarm, 'tis naturally "just right".

"Sudden cure", it may not be; this truth you have to face
But laughter is good exercise -- can be done any place.
Try it now, for if you use "the sense-of-humour" way,
And laugh until you "split your sides", you'll benefit today.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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