Winter Walk

A snowy walk on the country hill
this sunny afternoon,
Was all that I could muster -
to arrive back home real soon.

You ran as far as the leash would allow
and circles around me ran;
Such joy you showed, with tail a-wagging
and smiling the way you can.

Back and forth, on the hill, I walked -
you bouncing through the snow;
My dragging feet made welcome tracks
for me, as you had me in tow.

Tuckered out, I fell in the door -
happy to be back home;
You, on the other hand,
would like to have stayed to roam.

It was great to see you smiling
and happily not shut in;
I'd do it all again for you
if I wasn't so doggone done-in.

Joan Adams Burchell
February 25, 2005



Miscellaneous Poetry


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