Listen! 'Tis Spring!

Sitting on grass, of emerald green, beneath a maple tree --
A carpet, soft and cool, outstretched as far as the eye can see,
Nature's handiwork abounds! Breathe deeply with dismay
And listen to the sounds of Spring; the Earth is alive today!

The chatter of robins building their nest, above, in the maple tree,
The hum of the traffic passing by, the neighbour's dog barking at me --
The life of the Earth beneath me, electricity in the air,
The song of new birth and regrowth -- I hear harmony everywhere!

Does the grass make a sound when it grows? Can you hear things turning green?
Is there a cosmic harmony, now aware to us, from the unseen?
Awakened from slumber, the bulbs now stir, and stretching with all their might,
Small shoots reach up -- until at last -- they feel they have touched the light!

No need have I to travel afar to understand what He's planned --
Surrounding this maple, Life's active, in full, right here, on this wee piece of land!
Wherever man is he can listen and look; activity of Life he will find--
Beyond the senses ­ man's Soul is renewed when Spirit guides the mind.

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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