Man's Food for Thought

Sometimes the animal will smell food; does an image appear in its mind?
Does its mouth begin to salivate, chasing rabbits, squirrels or swine?
Or is it just a game to them? ­ well, not to those being chased!
Their instinct is to outrun their foe, or hide where they cannot be traced.

Does the faithful dog round up the cows, thinking 'beefsteak' in his dish?
Or does he go chasing chickens and fowl to appease his egg-craving wish?
His master has visions in his mind of the various thoughts he pursues
And with an idea, he uses his thoughts to mold and express his own views.

All animals have instincts at birth and use them each day of their life;
They have a "knowing" deep within to shield them from danger and strife;
And man has a "knowing", where spirit feeds soul,
to take care of all of his needs;
With calmness and Peace in this place, Divine,
on Life, Love and Substance man feeds.

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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