Listening in the Quietness

Listening for guidance brought
This word, again and again.
And next, the letter 'p' appeared
And then a wish for a pen.
Next, came the thought to write something --
Whatever came to mind --
As fingers awaited a further command
They doodled and then, designed --
Freely moving across the page
Till focus was restored --
And from a bird upon a branch
A song of beauty poured . . .
Below the branch in a quiet place
In part of a sleepy lagoon
Created by His hands abide
Some water lilies in bloom . . .
Blue skies above a peaceful sight
Adorned with clouds of fleece . . .
He gave to me 'serenity' --
As I listened, His word was 'p e a c e' .

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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