Piece or Peace

Running, running -- on and on --
Yet, running all day long,
I still find time to upset folks
As they try to sing their song.
Living my day as I was meant,
I still have not a clue
Why order should enrage some folks,
Yet help some others, too.
Some are positive, you see,
And know how best to use
My services in ev'ry case,
But all are free to choose.
Some blame the work that I do best
When anything goes wrong;
They do not blame the choice they made
And they go on and on!
Those I help have no complaints
Because they know just how
To benefit from all my work
And they are happy now.
Let's hope some day the others, too,
Will find their happiness,
When they can wisely count on me
As a means to their success.
'Twas man who first brought me to mind --
A tool he thought would aid
With discipline and sorting out;
Priorities were made.
In Spirit there's no need for me
So there I don't exist;
There's only Divine Order there
And now is all there is!
This is a riddle you can solve;
A time PIECE here and there --
Alarm clock, wrist watch, wall clock -- all
Performing everywhere!
You made me to keep track of time
Because you did not see
That now is all the time there is;
There's PEACE in Eternity!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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