Light Your World

When LOVE lives in ONE person’s heart -
it spreads to all around;
PEACE creeps in, akin to LOVE -
and around the world abounds.

Being ONE and giving PEACE -
is that not a miracle?
No weapons, no gossip, no unkind words -
LOVE will travel a circle.

Live and learn from one’s own mistakes -
don’t want to always be right;
We are all a part of this wondrous world
Let’s make it PEACEFUL and bright.

Dare to LOVE! To bring World PEACE!
Miracles start with ONE;
LOVE our neighbours; be a true friend -
A friend - who too, is ONE.

Just for today, let’s show our LOVE -
it will travel faster than fire;
It can’t be extinguished because it brings PEACE -
a LIGHT ‘round the world - our desire.

LIGHT YOUR WORLD with kindness and smiles
just for today - every day;
See as a child; forgive as as they do -
LOVE brings PEACE this way.

©Joan Adams Burchell
August 6, 2006

”Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God”
St. Matthew 5:9 - one of the Beatitudes