The sun is shining from on high
To warm the earth but not intrude
On silence where the bulbs do lie
Still sleeping in their solitude;
To gently coax from sleep until
Each crocus and each daffodil -
The lilies all, the tulips, too -
Within themselves they feel 'tis time -
As stirring now their shells burst through
From slumber - to awake and climb
As Mother Nature doth command
To grow in beauty o'er the land.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


Country Walks

Make refreshing country walks
A way of life for you --
Or let a garden give you joy;
Your soul will partake, too.

Nature's beauty feeds the soul
As music does -- and art.
A stimulating colour viewed,
Much tonic will impart.

Water to the body is
As joy is to the soul;
Its thirst is quenched on country walks,
And you, again, feel whole!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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