Just Beyond Our Vision Now

She's beyond our vision now but still we feel her near;

She's gone from sight but in our mind we see her well and clear.

Fear has gone, she now is whole; her hand in His, she sings;

She feels no pain or loneliness; soul's freedom gave her wings.

Lightness, joy, experienced, as soon as she was freed

From worried thoughts and earthly cares -- of them she had no need.

Mourn we shall and every day remember her in prayer;

She's just beyond our vision, though we see her everywhere.

Comfort comes to all at last and thankful hearts have we

That she with us her life did share and did so lovingly.

Just beyond our vision now and in her quiet way

She's forged a place within our hearts where memories can stay.

Undisturbed and treasured there, we count them o'er and o'er;

She's just beyond our vision now but with us more and more!

Doreen (Adams) Ellis

(gender may be changed to he/he's/his)

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