Some time to be alone with one's own thoughts
To analyse and meditate on lots
Of interesting things we feel and hear;
'Tis good for us to be the "scrutineer"
Of what we feel and do and think or say;
How many loved ones we have touched today -
To see their "loneliness" - to know they're blest
In spirit, with the truth of "all-oneness".

'Tis how we put to use our time alone
Determines happiness - not just our own -
For blessing others we are blest as well;
So let them know they, in your heart, do dwell.
Could we but see how much plain common sense,
And whom, and what we love can influence -
Our train of thought would run along the track
Prepaid, round trip, to happiness and back.

~ Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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