Joy is

The privilege of watching a new day born -

a sunrise lights my soul.

Hearing the laughter of children at play -

makes a lighter heart my goal.

The sight of a rainbow arched in the sky

gives belief in a promise true;

Gentle rain on a warm summer's night

cleanses my thoughts like new.

Comfy shoes, a letter from home,

a sunset at day's end;

A flower, a tree, a river, the sea,

a phone call from a friend.

The feeling I had when I saw my dad

wearing my gift of a tie,

A song in my heart when I remember the smell

and taste of my mom's apple pie.

All of these things, to me, spell joy;

each one gives certain pleasure.

When I count my blessings the sum is great -

an overflowing measure.

Joan Adams Burchell


Midi playing:It's a Wonderful World