The things on these pages are just thoughts that came to me in 1987 when I first started writing.
Because they are short, and all differnt categories, I thought I would put them in this little notebook for you.
~ All are copyright and may not be used without written permission ~

Going Our Way

Whenever we go travelling we usually lose our way.
It's ever-so-much more interesting than going the proper way
For we see things not on the map. It really is quite wicked
for if the travel agents knew they'd want to sell us tickets
to travel o'er this beautiful land through mountain, rock and stream.
We see the sights to our delight - we're really quite a team!

Joan Adams Burchell


My Friends

When I was little and far from home on summer holidays
I used to sit and listen, and learn to count the ways
that I could talk and someone would listen and hear what I had to say.
"Pretending" maybe is the word but for me it was the way.
I found out things so interesting, it really was amazing.
The daisies used to nod their heads; they knew what I was saying.
The kittens, puppies, horses were a pleasure in that we
would get real close; they took the time to keep me company.
But best of all whether day or night - I had a friend so dear
it heard my thoughts and answered me whether I was far or near.
My favourite thing in the whole wide world was my grandma's dear old clock
and when I couldn't sleep at night I would listen to it talk.
It told me many secrets and fast-friends we'll always be.
I will treasure it forever for it talked to me.

Joan Adams Burchell


My Family's Visit

They came, they left, like a breath of spring
or a flower's sweet perfume.
Only the memory lingers on
'til next summer and their return.
I know it will be the same next year,
yet still I'll wait for them -
for just a glimpse and the refreshing scent
I know will come again.

Joan Adams Burchell

This Morning

It's so peaceful by the river when construction noises stop.
The running water soothes my nerves as each ripple seems to talk.
I give my thanks this morning for the blessings of this day;
I am refreshed, renewed and calm as I go along my way.

Joan Adams Burchell


Graceful arms reach out and say, "Come and sit while I move and sway."
Graceful as in a ballet, I see, breathtaking beauty in my favourite tree.

Joan Adams Burchell


Miscellaneous Poetry