Mary rides at Christmastime
So slowly to the Inn;
While seated on the donkey's back,
She hears, "No room within".
But the stable welcomes them
All three to stop inside
Where Joseph ties the donkey's lead
And there they do abide.
Joseph, Mary, great with child,
Find rest within a stall;
They are so weary from their trip
They do not mind at all.
Lowly was the little place --
'Twas just a humble shed
Provided for this Holy birth --
A manger for His bed.
Maybe we are slowly led
At Christmastime to know
He's born within the hearts of all
Who believe it to be so.
Rich and poor alike may find
The heart is but the manger
And cradled there all wrapped in love
Abides this Holy Stranger.
'Tis not how far away from "home"
We stray or what the reason --
When made aware of Christ within,
It is the Christmas Season!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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