"Made in His Image"

Everyone who does create, his 'image' to express --
Inspired by His loving care ­ will know true happiness.
Thanks to Goodness, now, we pray, as blessed by this concept --
That "In His image" we are made -- with love, we do accept.

Thoughts on Life may now be changed by this one Truth alone --
We share this heritage, 'tis true ­ He created all -- His own.
Our Master, when he prayed, did say "Our Father" and we, too,
Shall know we're all one family; Spirit's "all One" is true!

"All oneness" from "aloneness", now, heart's burdens disappear
When blessed with calmness and true peace -- there's no such thing as fear;
Made in His image, molded with love, and, blessed by His Spirit always,
By co-creating just for Him, we can serve in so many ways!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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