His Covenant

(inspired by Genesis 9:16)

Just a little raindrop am I
And, shaped like a tiny sphere,
I feel the Light as it warms my soul
And changes the way I appear.
"What must I look like?", I asked myself,
"I think I'm beginning to shine --
And all the darkness is fading away
Because of this Light of mine!
'Tis not only me that's been gifted with Light --
The others around me have, too! --
Together, we form such a colourful sight!"
The 'voice' in charge said, "YOU DO!"
Then, to all, this promise was made --
With His gift of Light, so abundant,
He used us to form an arch in the sky --
"A reminder," He said, "of His "covenant".
'Never again shall there be a flood
Sent to destroy all the earth --
For in the cloud a rainbow you'll see,
Symbolized -- spiritual rebirth!'

~ Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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