This poem is dedicated to a very special little girl who I just heard went to heaven a couple of weeks ago. She braved a brain tumor for a long time. Many people around the world sent prayers for Hannah - prayers to ease her pain and her fear; prayers for her grief-stricken parents to give them the strength that they needed to keep them strong. We are all a little stronger today because of Hannah. Fly little angel - fly!



Hannah's Star

A tiny light shone on earth -
so bright it reached to heaven.

The angels watched; saw pain move in
and flew down to earth from heaven.

They saw a tiny girl so sweet -
her age was only three.

She braved the pain but could not mend
and her spirit wanted free.

The angels stayed and played with her;
made sure her dreams were sweet.

"My name is Hannah. What is yours?
I'm glad that we could meet."

The angels sang her lullabies;
in her dreams they dressed her in gold.

Hannah saw her mommy and daddy
and hoped her story could be told.

But she was so weak when she was awake -
all she could give was a smile.

A steady vigil her parents kept
to walk with her that last mile;

And then God sent more angels to earth
to ease the parents' grief.

They helped them through their worst ordeal
and promised there'd be relief.

When Hannah was ready to go on her journey,
all dressed in gold and white,

She smiled as she put her tiny hands in theirs
and went with them through the light.

"Can I wave to my mommy and daddy now
and tell them I'm okay?"

Her angels nodded and when Hannah turned -
a speck from her gown fell away.

The angels said it would shine in the sky
like a golden star for them

And so the parents saw Hannah's star shine,
every night, just for them.

Joan Adams Burchell

Written Feb. 14, 2004

Inspirational Poetry