God’s Garden

God planted within each of us -
a flower - when we were born;
It’s up to us to make it bloom
and keep it from the storm.

He gave it Love - now we must feed
with kindness and with smiles;
Flowers make other lives worthwhile
as they journey through life’s miles.

Just as music calms the soul,
a flower brings happiness;
So I will share my flowering gift
with those who need a caress.

A blue Forget-me-not shows the way
by reminding - Forget-not-Him;
Daisies, lilies, roses, and flax
blend in peace just like a hymn.

God planned for us to be His Garden -
to live at peace, without weeds;
War is a vicious, deadly weed
and doesn’t fill our needs.

Each of us needs to form a bouquet
and give our hearts away -
We need to love our neighbour -
whether close or far away.

”Red and yellow, black and white” -
what a glorious bouquet!
All sharing life’s great blessings
as we use our gift His way!

God planted within each baby’s heart -
a flower - to adorn;
Knowing that if we felt His Love,
His Garden on Earth would be born.

©Joan Adams Burchell
July 27, 2006