My Friend


You are my friend - a part of my heart;

You never stop - but help me to start.

You know my ways - my weakness and strength;

You give so much - go to every length.


You light the dark - dispel all fear;

You are there - always near.

You give me ideas -trust I will follow;

You fill my life - it's no longer hollow.


You show the way - so I won't stumble;

You teach me always - always be humble.

You bless me with hope - faith and love;

You lift me up - on the wings of a dove.


You share such beauty - so wondrous to see;

You know the how - the why of me.

You know the beginning - and the end;

You helped me know - the meaning of friend.


You are my all - my everything;

You make me raise my voice - to sing.

You are my Saviour - Father to all;

You are Jesus - I need only call.

Joan Adams Burchell

November 11, 2004


Inspirational Poetry