PEACE exists within the soul
As LOVE we can express;
The LOVE we wish to see around
Is global PEACE at its best.

If His is the LOVE we wish to see
Be it up to us to know
The ways to live throughout our days --
His LOVE for us to show.

Pass it along to others, now --
For LOVE increases so!
The LOVE of God and our fellow man
Will grow! and grow! and grow!

'Til we become that "change to be",
Of power-awareness, we're sure
That thoughts of PEACE are sources Divine;
Our thinking must be kept pure.

Moment by moment we turn within,
And, becoming as still as can be,
We rest in the PEACE within the soul ­
Set free! Set free!! 'Tis free!!!

As every LOVING, PEACEFUL thought
Will be our happiest,
'Twill prove the LOVE we wish to see
Is 'GLOBAL PEACE' at its best!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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