The Garden of my Soul

There is a garden in my soul

that God made a part of me;

I enter often - a place of rest -

calming for what is, or will be.

Within that garden He nurtures me -

waters and feeds my needs;

Healing takes place in my garden -

wondrous are His deeds.

Within that garden, we walk and talk -

just as in a favourite hymn;

Everything bright and covered with dew -

never a corner that’s dim.

Peace and Joy and Love, I feel -

within the garden of my soul;

Coming here several times a day -

I always leave feeling “whole”.

Thank Thee, Lord, for this sacred place -

for life, a flower, and a song;

Your substance in the garden of my soul -

leads to all that is Godly and strong.

©Joan Adams Burchell
July 17, 2006