Once there was a garden full of lovely growing things;
Along with veg'tables and fruits were butterflies with wings
So beautiful and, colours bright, they danced among the flowers
With pirouettes and arabesques; with joy, they danced for hours!
How strenuous work could bring such joy? It cannot be explained;
The gardener had to give it up -- and this gave her great pain.
Though mentally and physic'lly it was too much to bear,
The gardener still takes pleasure in all gardens, everywhere.
Other gardens bring much joy and listening to plans,
The kinds of plants and where they're placed, is what she understands.

Many thoughts go through her mind; the bad ones are the weeds
She must eliminate to give each flower what it needs.
Tending gardens day by day within one's heart -- to care --
In common with all gardeners, the best of hobbies share.
Life is one big garden where, in Spring, 'tis stirred again
And every form of life in earth, continues on this plain.
Every gardener needs to work in earth and in the mind
To plant good seeds in fertile ground according to their kind;
Give unending care to thoughts, make use of their green thumbs --
Then, reap the beauty, Truth and love, when the harvest comes!

~ Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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