Footprints are reflections
of how I travel each day.
I pray that those I leave behind
will tell a story some way.

I know when I am quiet,
that's when I hear a still, small voice;
It seems to lead me, shows the way,
and helps me make my choice.

When footprints seem to stagger -
or 'round in circles go,
I look back on a troubled day -
of hurry and nothing to show.

I like to look back and see my prints
straight, firm, and sure;
Or, when they stop - that's when I listened
to the song of the bird - so pure.

My prints stop often for I love to watch
the beauty of the setting sun;
And search for words to best describe
a day that is almost done.

My footprints can make me happy -
but only when I've stopped to pray;
That still, small voice that enters my heart
is Jesus showing the way.

Joan Adams Burchell
Written July 16, 2004


Inspirational Poetry

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