Buttercup Smiles

A lonely little buttercup
on this cool September day
Touched my heart, as I walked along,
and I know it changed my way.

It is awesome how our Father works
to teach us in subtle ways;
He knew that little buttercup
was just like sunshine rays.

A heart may be sad and lonely -
until something lifts it up;
I'm sure God had that plan in mind
when he placed that buttercup.

A flower is like a smile for some -
or a smile could resemble a flower;
So when I smile at someone in passing
I feel that my smile has power.

It's the little things we oft forget
and our Heavenly Father knows,
So, on this cool September day
His buttercup lesson He shows.

A smile costs us nothing -
but it gives so much in return;
For a smile is usually passed along
and that is what I've learned.

Thank you God for buttercup smiles
and Your many other gifts;
I see Your Wisdom every day
when I see how a smile lifts.

Joan Adams Burchell
September 19, 2004


Inspirational Poetry