Easter Renewal

Easter has come and all life is renewed,
An uplift to those in despair;
Our birds have returned from the south once again,
Their songs we can hear everywhere.
They announce break of day with a trumpeter's will
So that all who are sleeping may hear it,
Arise from the slumber enfolding their dreams;
Begin each new day in high spirit.

Easter has come and all life is renewed;
The buds are appearing again.
To begin, Mother Nature has thrown off the quilt
Of snow, where it covered the glen,
Has awakened with showers, caressed with her wind
Which refreshes the soul and the spirit.
Within all creation is planted the truth
That life is for living; don't fear it!

Easter has come and all life is renewed;
Death's shadow, the process erased;
As the light warms the soul with awakening truth,
Each seed now with love is embraced.
To fulfil, to express; it will grow from within;
Its supply now at hand has been gifted --
Though heavy, the boulder can be rolled away --
'Tis Easter, let life be uplifted!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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