Easter Awareness

'Tis Spring erasing Winter as Easter time draws near;
Her song 'tis gently waking, alerting with good cheer.
Her wand 'tis waving over, caressing life anew
With breezes and with showers and smiling skies of blue.
The pendulum is swinging; the temp is cold, then mild;
Uncertain is the weather -- 'tis like a carefree child.

Then, suddenly, 'tis Easter! A breath of Spring, 'tis true --
And looking skyward birds wing their way to rendezvouz.
New life is taking over, new hearts begin to beat;
Much brighter seems the future of all you chance to meet.

O, Spirit of renewal that interlines each heart,
Let Easter bring the message that life and love impart.
Though life and love are endless, as has been said before,
At Easter comes awareness -- of death's true conqueror!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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