Dragonfly Reasons

How great are the Father's creations -
each one with beauty of its own;
The dragonfly that sat on the rail -
it's uniqueness called for a poem.

Transparent wings, with a tinge of pink
along the outside edge;
It stayed long enough for a picture I snapped
while he rested awhile on the ledge.

Unlike any other winged-creature I've seen,
and the first one this close-by;
I wondered why God made the dragonfly different
than, perhaps, the butterfly.

It's body is long and it has large eyes -
a mosquito hawk, I read.
Now, isn't this God's power of protection
when the mosquito has brought sickness and dread?

Oh, the wonders of our world
and how God knows how and why;
For everything there is a season -
even for the dragonfly.

A reason for everything in our world -
and with trust and faith we'll see
That God's great wisdom is all we need;
to believe in Him sets us free.

Joan Adams Burchell
September 24, 2004


Inspirational Poetry