Counting My Blessings

I was digging in my garden and I stopped to look around;
What I saw was countless blessings - and with love they did abound.
The sunlight kissed the roses; the breeze made susies sway;
Daisies danced to their own tune, not very far away.

Cotton candy clouds of white moved slowly, overhead
In a sky so blue, the blowing flag showed white and most-vivid red.
A quiet September morning in my country, proud and free -
My heart gave thanks as I heard a bird sing a song most fittingly.

My life is very simple but I see things every day
And know that they are special because they're right along my way.
How blessed I am to have so much that money cannot buy;
These riches are a gift from God - for me to wonder why.

Why is it that I am so blest; why am I given so much?
Why do I see what some have missed; why do I feel His touch?
All I know is that I feel His love, all along the way;
God is taking care of me - through each and every day.

Joan Adams Burchell

Written September 16, 2003

Inspirational Poetry