Counting Our Blessings

God gave me ears that I could hear
and eyes so I could see;
He made me so that I could touch
and feel things surrounding me.

He gave the sense of smell for me
to savour all the sweet
And warn me of the bitter, too,
if I should chance to meet.

He gave me taste, so I would know
the joy of food supplied.
God made man as His Masterpiece -
He gave His Love, multiplied.

Simple things He asks of us
that we love Him as our own;
To talk with Him and listen, too,
as our Saviour makes things known.

Love they neighbour as thyself,
live by the Golden Rule;
Appreciate the things we have
and use them as a tool.

God made His sheep both black and white -
some pretty and some plain;
So don’t fret about your outer self -
He loves us all the same.

Just for today lift your eyes and see
the wonders all around;
It’s a tonic to an aching heart -
God’s paintings do abound.

Take a minute from your busy day
and watch a sun set;
Hear the birds giving thanks
before their food they digest.

Just for a quiet moment -
know how Great He is;
Give your heart and you will find
you are touching His.

©Joan Adams Burchell

March 3, 2006
(I found this, forgotten, in my folder)

Inspirational Poetry