L - is the LOVE we feel deep in our soul;

O - is OUR Father, OMNIPOTENT, whole.

V - is for VICTORY -- we'll overcome;

I - for the I AM within everyone.

N - is for NOW; 'tis eternally here;

G - for GOD'S LOVE within -- nothing to fear!

C - is for CHRIST CHILD, God's Son on Earth.

H - is the HOLY day that marks His birth.

R - for the RIGHTEOUS life He came to live;

I - for the IDEA "'tis better to give";

S - for the SON OF GOD; He is "the vine" --

T - for the TREE OF LIFE; your life and mine.

M - for the MASTER plan in Divine Mind;

A - for the ANSWERS we're seeking to find.

S - for our SAVIOUR born to save mankind!

B - is for BABE in a manger born,

L - for the LOVE surrounding Him that morn.

E - for the EASTERN star guiding their way;

S - for the SHEPHERDS who followed its ray.

S - for the STABLE and the cattle STALL,

I - for the INN, having no room at all.

N - for the NOBLEMEN, wisemen three,

G - for the GIFTS they brought on bended knee.

S - is for SINGING "goodwill, peace on earth"

As we all celebrate our Saviour's birth!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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