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'Tis not "hope" pretending troubles are not there;
Hope is more like trusting they'll not last fore'er.
Hope is akin to that strong, inner feeling
That, at this moment, they have begun healing.

Difficulties foreseen can be overcome;
'Tis but faith that our belief in God comes from
Omnipotent Creator, whose divine right
Was to give the command, "Let there be light!"

Doreen (Adams) Ellis




Hidden Truths oft'times appear when life seems so unfair
And you discover in a flash the answer to your prayer;
You may help your fellow man this gift of Truth to share
With another weighted down by troubles and despair.

When next you feel you've reached low ebb, remember well this part
About the benefits you gained and this will warm your heart;
Having done all you can do, "let go" as you have learned,
Knowing things will all work out the best for all concerned.

Doreen (Adams) Ellis



One could meditate within
To get past where one has been,
To but clear the mind, then, notice
The thoughts on which the mind should focus.

Only then, can one control
Or be the master of the soul;
Then, strength renewed will not diminish
But see one through right to the finish!

Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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