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Infinite Now

Try describing simple things
That cause perplexity.
A basic word like "now" -- it seems --
Becomes complexity.

"Now" has no such measurement --
No length, nor width, nor height;
Nor weight, nor depth -- dimensions all
Just prove to be finite.

To try to touch the moment, "now"!
'Tis quite impossible;
And though 'tis always near at hand,
'Tis quite invisible.

"Truth" and "life" and "love" and "be"
Expressed essentially --
It is made clear -- man is aware
"Now" means "eternally"!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


'Tis there, in silence, one will find
Hidden deep within the mind,
Greater treasures yet to be
Made of substance which is free.

Be still and know that there, within,
Is all one needs -- so just begin
To listen and to lend an ear
To that small voice -- 'tis there to hear.

And when that small voice has been heard,
One then must act upon the word
And see that image, yet unseen,
Appear upon that inner screen.

A vision bright to contemplate
All those ideas one must create
According to that Divine Plan
Working through the hands of man.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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