A Canadian Thanksgiving

October’s leaves are turning -
a pretty time of year;
Families gather to give their thanks -
they come from far and near.

Although we think of turkeys,
stuffing, and pumpkin pies;
We also think from whence they came
and feel the binding ties.

We feel our Father’s Greatness,
in the way He cares for us;
Whether or not we’re deserving -
His arms are wrapped ‘round us.

Bounty fills our table -
fellowship and love abound;
Be they said aloud or silent -
prayers are lifted high from around.

This day we think how our Father, above,
provides for all our needs;
Vegetables, fruits, grains we grow
because He supplies the seeds.

He sends the sun and rain they need
so we’ll have a bountiful harvest;
And then he sends our children home -
the gift that is the largest.

If chairs are empty - they could not come -
we welcome guests who are alone;
Sisters and brothers, all, are we -
All from one Father, up Home.

I know we try to appreciate
the things we have each day,
But I’m so grateful, that once a year,
We have Thanksgiving Day.

©Joan Adams Burchell
October 4, 2005

(October 10, 2005)

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