Canada's Symbol

With a large, wide face and buck teeth -
strong-enough to fell a tree;
One might wonder how such a rodent
would Canada's symbol, be.

When fashion demanded fur hats,
Hudson's Bay Company knew its worth;
That was the early seventeen-hundreds
but it quickly had its birth.

The beaver was on the C.P.Rail crest
and still is there today;
It adorned stamps and coins, a sign of the times -
and was soon - signature of the day.

In nineteen hundred and seventy-five
it received over-due acclaim;
The beaver was finally, officially made
Canada's emblem of fame.

The Boy Scouts named young members "Beavers";
The history mag took the name, too;
The beaver is on the back of our nickel;
and Beaver Tail pastries will do!

"Beaver Tails" - hot, steamy pastries -
sweet, with toppings galore;
With the broad-tail shape, they're Ottawa's treat,
and visitors line up for more.

'Now' what do you think of that broad-tailed rodent
that Canada chose as its own?
With so many praises, in all kinds of phases,
the beaver - we must say is home.

Joan Adams Burchell

Written July 12, 2003

Miscellaneous Poetry