This Moment

Blue skies, and cotton-candy clouds;
summer-breezes to make flowers sway.
Different-shades of green, 'midst a profusion of colour -
and the river wending its way.
Hummingbirds visiting all the reds -
sweet nectar to their taste;
The robins, out for their lunchtime meal -
none worrying of haste.
This is the moment on a summer's day
when I take the time to see
All the beauty in my own backyard -
such a gift bestowed upon me.
I count my blessings one - by - one
and they are oh, so many;
These blessings I take, with a greatful heart,
looking down at my loving-dog, Jenny.
We've been together through all kinds of weather
and always found our way;
Today, side-by-side, we enjoy our true blessings -
this moment together - today!

Joan Adams Burchell

Written July 19, 2003


Miscellaneous Poetry