Here am I, watching, as the rest of the world goes by.

Here, I've learned to be my own friend, and friend to the earth and the sky.

Here, in my garden that I love - just a tiny piece of this earth

That was loaned to me to help create and keep it at its worth.

Here is where my lonely heart finds peace and inner strength

To carry me through the storms of life that seem, at times, of great length.

In winter's quiet I stitch and quilt and maybe I will write;

Words are winter flowers I can plant to my delight.

As people hurry here and there - no time to see me here,

I wonder if they ever see the blessings I hold dear.

Here am I watching, colourful sunsets on high,

Blessed with what life is all about, as the rest of the world goes by.

Joan Adams Burchell