"I am Autumn; I bring new beauty, rare!"
Igniting coloured flames
Of multi-colours -- green, gold and red --
Her season she proclaims!

Reds and oranges, pinks and golds
With green and chocolate brown --
White clouds afloat below the blue ­
The backdrop for her gown.

She brings with her a glorious feast,
"Thanksgiving" to proclaim;
When people offer their heartfelt thanks
For abundant harvest, again.

Mother Nature steps on stage ­
Her satin gown of white,
Embellished with sequins, emeralds and pearls ­
Her crown of diamonds so bright.

She blesses the land and those who attend
Her farewell party so gay,
All dressed in their best to bid adieu
As the curtain begins to sway.

The finale now over -- her kingdom must rest
While warmed by blankets of snow --
Until in Spring when she gives her command
For all to awaken and grow.

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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