Thoughts of Autumn and the Seasons

Dusky-pink and smokey-grey were vivid
at sunset, tonight;
Baby-blue patches still peeked through,
perfecting the canvas of night.

Autumn is fast-approaching,
but leaves still don coats of green;
It will be a few weeks before colours change
and crimson and golds will be seen.

Summer is winding down again -
autumn's cool temps provide rest;
Plants will work on building their roots
before winter's blast is our guest.

Autumn - a time to stop and reflect
on nature's wondrous story;
Each season plays a special part -
each one a time of glory.

If we didn't have winter, there'd be no spring;
snow insulates against the cold.
Plants sleep beneath the white eiderdown
until the spring-sun shines bold.

Buds stretch and wake and lead to bloom
when summer shows colours full-blown;
And then - like now - we say farewell
as autumn brings beauty of its own.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall -
each playing their part;
Giving us something so beautiful
before they have to depart.

A time for everything - and timed just right;
Mother Earth knows our every need.
Autumn has a way of leading us gently
with colours we all will heed.

So when we see the russets and orange -
leaves painted beyond belief;
Think of the Artist, pallet in hand,
showing love with rest and relief.

Joan Adams Burchell

written Sept. 7, 2003