Angels and Friends

Angels are here, beside us, on earth -
as well as in heaven above.
You can tell them by their compassion and help -
by their unconditional love.

An angel can be a friend you have -
or someone you don't even know;
They come to us when we need them most
and never just turn and go.

We all have many angels;
God sends them by the score
And if we need another hand,
he sends a dozen more.

They give Comfort when we're lonely
and when we're filled with fear;
Give Hope for us to smile
when we'd only shed a tear.

Guidance helps us choose a path
when we're lost along the way;
Protection is always with us
through every night and day.

Beauty helps us count our blessings;
to look around and see
The wonders of the sky and earth;
the beauty of a tree.

So when your heart is heavy
and you think it will not mend,
Don't be surprised when an angel comes
and you know you have a friend.

Joan Adams Burchell
June 15, 2002





Inspirational Poetry