I'm In My Garden
(my epitaph)

As I kneel and weed in my flower beds, my favourite hymn I hear;
The words take on new meaning as I quietly work with what's dear.

Pink roses hear the music-of-my-mind and sweet strings of a violin play;
Lilies join with a cello and the daisies start to sway.

Bellflowers, white and angelic, give the peaceful sound of the harp;
Lupins add a soft, loving chord that touches the bass in my heart.

Lavender, like the sound of a flute, beckons Cupid's Dart
And its clarinet softly wakens Cranesbill and sax is now, too, a part.

Hollyhocks blow on the trumpet and the clematis starts to sing;
Hostas play a gentle drum and a bird comes in on a wing.

The Linden is the conductor and it beckons the Spruce to join in,
So softly and gently the cymbals take part and a butterfly wanders in.

This early-morning orchestra is sent from heaven above;
As I come to my garden alone each day, I hear God's words of love.

He speaks to me and I listen as He bids all nature sing
For I am in God's garden of love and His peace to me He does bring.

Joan Adams Burchell
July 8, 2002


Inspirational Poetry