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One thing that I would like to get out of the way before you start your journey, I'll put in story form because it is a true story.


When I was in public school, the teacher asked each of us to stand, going down the rows from front to back, and just say our favourite author's name. Well, my surname being Adams had put me, alphabetically, right at the front so that I was the first one. I rose and stood beside my desk, feeling quite proud that I knew for certain my favourite author and said, confidently, "Arthur Unknown".
There was an instant explosion of laughter until, banging the pointer on her desk and trying to keep a straight face, the teacher finally corrected me and put me straight about "Arthur".
I have never forgotten that lesson and still feel sad when I see a poem where the author is unknown. I could not understand, then, how someone could be 'unknown' so I always read it, in my child's eyes, as a last name.
Now, sixty years later, I realise that some of the very best poetry reads that way. That is why it is so important to 'always' be thoughtful and include the author's name on the poem or story. Nobody, after penning a piece of their heart, wants to be 'unknown'. It only takes one person to leave the name off and pass it along and it soon becomes "Author Unknown" which, in most cases, is not true.
That is why my work is copyright and may only be used with my permission. You understand - I have a name.

Joan Adams Burchell (copyright)

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