Three "Valentine Thoughts"

by Joan Adams Burchell (all copyright)


My Valentine

Your eyes can heal whatever's wrong,
can chase the hurt or fear.
The understanding look they give
can wipe away each tear.
Your smile turns winter into spring
and roses bloom for me.
That tenderness that shows you care
is all that I can see.
These things are free like the moon and stars
- a smile, a gentle touch -
And to me it is these little things
that mean so very much.

The Cardinal

The bird looked suave and debonair,
dressed in his vibrant hue;
Against the snow-covered evergreens
he furnished a colourful view.
His song was music to my ears
that frigid winter morning;
His notes heard clear and eagerly
sent my heart a-soaring.
A cardinal's dress, in February,
struck a note apart;
His song of love - a valentine -
warmed a lonely heart.

Thank you Valentine

I give to you a memory from deep within my heart;
Of friendship true, no matter what, you always were a part.
Tender words moved heavy weights, support built confidence;
A song, a smile, a helping hand, my dreams did all enhance.
Today these dreams are taking shape because you led the way;
And I remember wisdom, strength, that's building my today.
This memory is my Valentine that nothing can erase -
Faith, hope and love in my heart and you put them in their place.