When you were young you used to run and together we would play;
Now you're content upon your mat, to watch me through the day.

You used to hear a pin drop; when I whistled you always came;
Now you cannot hear a thing - not even when I call your name.

Your pretty ears have suffered pain but you very seldom complain;
We've walked together through sun and shadow and even through the rain.

Although you cannot hear me, you listen very well;
You know when I am talking to you - it's so easy to tell.

Your eyes, your tail, your smile, your kiss, you use to answer me;
If I searched the whole world over, no dearer friend there'd be.

You never seemed to mind that there were just we two;
I used to worry that I, alone, would not be enough for you.

Now, through time, we're a great old pair - we communicate just fine;
If you feel just a little happy - the blessings have really been mine.

For the joy and comfort you've given me, I thank you, little friend;
Our angel will always watch over us - right to the rainbow's end.

Joan Adams Burchell


Please note: I had to say my last goodbye to my dear Jenny on December 8, 2003. She was 15-1/2.
Perhaps, someday, I will be able to write another poem about her. Right now - my heart is breaking.

March, 2005 ~ A dear lady, Renee, has made a beautiful page for Jenny on her site of Pet Memorials.
Please visit her here. Thank you, Renee. It is so appreciated that you made a page for my angel Jenny.