Man has measured every age
By seconds, minutes, hours --
In days, months, years, and centuries --
Such "time" can thwart man's powers.

"Now" is "always" -- all in one;
Man cannot subdivide
Eternity -- for it is "now" --
Though man has tried and tried.

Yesterday is tomorrow's past;
Today is not quite, yet;
Perpetual renewal, "now"
Is the only "time" we get!

In language, two words come to mind
And one's the verb, "to be",
Combined with "now" it gives man power
To live eternally.

Holy scriptures hold, within,
Another word to choose
In, "Be ye DOers of the word" --
All three are man's to use.

First is "BE", the second "DO" --
The third -- the time -- is "NOW"!
God breathes through man His Life to live;
The Bible reveals how!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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