Oh, yes! We're planting every day;
The seeds are thoughts and that's okay
So let it be!
Once planted they take root you know
And into a garden of beauty grow --
If we have planned where each must go.
So let it be!

Without a plan, if our seeds we scatter,
Sowing in the wind like it doesn't matter --
Some take more space!
What a mix -- both flowers and weeds,
Vegetables, fruits, bushes and reeds --
Without dismay the tree succeeds;
It claims its space!

Our thoughts, like seeds, are meant to grow;
Both need all of our attention though
To demonstrate potential!
Light, strong roots in Mother Earth,
Nourishment until its birth,
Will see it reach its ultimate worth --
To demonstrate potential!

Thoughts and seeds need lots of care --
Not allowed to roam just anywhere;
We tend them well!
We guard them like a flock of sheep
While they graze and while they sleep --
Ever watchful vigil keep --
We tend them well!

Like sheep, if thoughts do go astray
Producing doubt and fear each day,
We bring them home!
To demonstrate agility
And see the possibility
For positive identity,
We bring them home!

Home is the center illumined with light;
This is the power that gave our thoughts flight;
We follow our dream!
We focus on good and keep it in sight
As we work hard, and with all our might,
On our thoughts and ideas, by day and by night --
We follow our dream!

We accept each thought when in mind it has entered,
Examine it well and let it be centered
To follow the gleam!
That gleam is the idea around which our thought
Flutters in flight to seek the bright dot
Of light and reflection - the true focal spot --
To follow the gleam!

Dig out the weeds crowding the growth
Of all the flowers that need sun and rain, both --
Make dreams come true!
Ideas are dreams we wish to express;
Thoughts are the seeds that we possess
In our positive plan to nurture and bless --
Make dreams come true!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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