Sunset Dinner Steam Train

Clang - clang, choo - choo -
a trip of memories!
The Gatineau River beside us;
beyond - great hills to please.

A mountain is something I’ve never seen;
the hills were as close as I’ll see.
Lush green trees that covered them well -
imagine how in Autumn, they’ll be!

The river so blue, an island or two -
boats going fast and slow;
Scenery only God could paint
to make my heart all a-glow.

Autumn will bring the trees a-flame
with colours that are His alone;
Beauty to touch hearts one and all -
so I wanted to paint a poem.

Heads were turned to look at the view,
even while eating our meal -
A feast, for which we remembered to bless;
one we ate - one our being could feel.

Students of music went from car to car -
their talent enhanced our ride;
The harp, guitar, violin, flute and drums
filled our souls like a beautiful tide.

At the end of the rails, we stopped to look around;
the engine sat in the dock;
Five engineers turned the engine by hand
for our return trip set by the clock.

Souveneirs were bought as reminders -
but how could we ever forget?
The hostess, the waiter, the musicians all -
and dessert was one not to regret!!!!

The sun did set on the journey home -
goodnight to a wonderful day;
I wanted to share my trip on the steam train -
and I could only do it “my way”.

©Joan Adams Burchell
July 23, 2006