Gazing dreamily above and sipping up starshine,
Relaxing in the cool, night air 'til wooden hills we climb.
Morning comes so quickly - see seeds from dandelions,
Their downy wings like parachutes -- a floating pantomime.

Birds, they sing their melodies and feed their little ones;
In turn, they search for bugs and worms, until day's work is done.
Do they sup the starshine, too, before they go to sleep?
Or, are they bathed in starshine while peeping their last peep?

Starshine! Starshine! Your caress, as soothing as can be,
Just smooths away all cares and makes us feel so free!
When the sun awakens us a new day to begin,
We start afresh; no matter what, we know that we can win!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis--

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